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Coin Flip Probability Calculator

Free online tool that helps you calculate the probability of getting a particular outcome when flipping a coin.

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What is coin flipping?

Coin flipping is a simple randomization technique often used to make a binary decision between two possible outcomes, such as heads or tails. It involves flipping a coin and observing which side of the coin lands face up. The two possible outcomes are typically assigned to the two sides of the coin, such as heads for one side and tails for the other.

Coin flipping can be used in various contexts, such as in games, sports, and decision-making processes. It is often used to break ties or settle disputes in a fair and unbiased way, as the outcome is determined solely by chance.

When you flip a coin, there are two possible outcomes: heads or tails. So, for a single flip of a coin, there are two possibilities.

However, if you flip a coin multiple times, the number of possible outcomes increases exponentially. For example, if you flip a coin twice, there are four possible outcomes: heads-heads, heads-tails, tails-heads, and tails-tails. If you flip a coin three times, there are eight possible outcomes, and so on.

In general, if you flip a fair coin n times, the number of possible outcomes is 2^n.