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Quotient And Remainder Calculator

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Quotient and remainder

In mathematics, when we divide one number(the dividend) by another number(the divisor), we can get two results: a quotient and a remainder.

The quotient represents the number of times the divisor goes into the dividend evenly, while the remainder represents the amount left over after dividing as much as possible by the divisor.

For example, if we divide 23 by 5, the quotient is 4 and the remainder is 3. This means that 5 goes into 23 four times, with 3 left over.

We can express this division using the following equation:

23 = 5 × 4 + 3

Here, 4 is the quotient and 3 is the remainder.

In general, if we divide a number a by another number b, we can express it as:

a = b × q + r

where q is the quotient and r is the remainder.